Victory Cigars

Victory – Corto Gorda (4″ x 54)

The Victory cigar contains four of our best tobacco blends. Ideal for a quick afternoon smoke on the golf course or simply to enjoy with friends, the Victory is a mild cigar with an earthy, but peppery flavor. This cigar presents a persistent, full aroma from beginning to end. It is the cigar of choice for those special occasions or just to celebrate life’s small “victories”.

Strength:  mild (2/5)                         Smoke Length: 53 minutes

Price: $6.75


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Tobaccos Used

Filler: Viso/Condega (Nicaragua)

             Seco/Jalapa (Nicaragua)

             Viso/Jalapa (Nicaragua)

 Binder:  Sumatro (Indonesia)

Wrapper: Connecticut (Equador)