The Cigar That Will Make You Smile

La Sonrisa cigars are premium, hand rolled cigars made from the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos that will make you smile.

Quality That Will Make You Smile

Every La Sonrisa cigar is inspected for quality, consistency, appearance and draw to ensure quality.

Draw... Hold... Exhale... Smile!!

Welcome to La Sonrisa Cigars

La Sonrisa Cigars is a boutique cigar manufacturer, importer, distributor and seller of premium, hand-rolled Nicaraguan cigars. La Sonrisa, translated from Spanish to English, means “The Smile”.  Formed in 2014 by two long time friends who wanted to do something together that was fun, exciting and involved their passion for cigars. The concept of making and selling premium cigars originated in August 2013 during a casual conversation on the drive home from a cigar festival in Boulder, CO. Out of that conversation came the idea and origin of La Sonrisa cigars.

While at the cigar festival, Wally and Tom met a number of cigar smokers, men and women, who enjoyed fine cigars, with the majority preferring a mild strength cigar. As a result of that experience, Wally and Tom decided to create a cigar that would appeal to both the casual cigar smoker as well as the aficionado.

The pledge of La Sonrisa cigars is to produce premium cigars using only the finest tobaccos from the rich soil of Nicaragua and the surrounding regions. Our hand-rolled, premium cigars currently range from mild to medium in strength and have a consistently easy draw.

We currently manufacture and import a family of cigars through our brand, La Sonrisa Cigars.

Our brand consists of 3 types of cigars, including:

The “Charlotte”

No. 1 – Petite Corona (5″ x 38)
No. 2 – Corona (5″ x 44)
No. 3 – Robusto (5″ x 50)

The “Wally”

No. 1 – Churchill (7″ x 50)
No. 2 – Torpedo (6″ x 52)
No. 3 – Toro (6″ x 54)
Robusto (5″ x 50)
Robusto Gordo (5″ x 54)
Liga Especial (5 1/2″ x 50)

The “Victory”

Corto Gorda (4″ x 54)

In addition to experiencing a La Sonrisa Cigar, we encourage you to explore our website and get to know “Our Story“, “How We Roll” and “Our Team“.

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